ArtInscribe is geometric art created with words inscribed in the image.  The letters of the words become part of the geometric shapes, and are recognizable.  Choose the words or names you would like and Pepe will create a Personalized Art Inscribe, one of a kind, work of art for you.

The demo below shows the word LuminSonics inscribed in Pepe's geometric drawing which originates originally as black and white, drawn with archival media.
The geometric drawing is created as a unified whole with the word.
Color can then be added to the drawing as a fine art limited edition or one of a kind print or other forms.

Click the PAUSE control on the left of the video whenever you would like the art as a still image.
The video automatically loops. 

ArtInscribe words featured in the art presented are:
Gratitude      Joy     Laughter       Love      OK        Peace    Yes

Pepe creates ArtInscribe incorporating phrases and personal names, and other words of meaning. 
The art is created with archival media.

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